Turned Parts

Turning with the same precision from a tiny
nozzle to a huge camshaft.

CNC Turning Manufacturing

With our years of experience in turning parts and our machine park that progresses with the developments in CNC technology, we produce your high-precision turning precision parts within the required tolerances.

The adventure, which started with 2-axis lathes, is today more sensitive and faster to produce complex and sensitive turning parts with additional tools and spindles for drilling holes and threads outside the rotation axis.

We have the ability to process precision parts between 1 mm and 42 mm with holes and outsides outside the axis of rotation in a single operation.

With our sliding automat machine, we can produce fast and low-cost precision turning parts with a diameter of 1 to 25 mm.

In addition, we can produce your huge precision parts up to 560 mm in diameter and 5 meters in length up to 0.02 tolerance.

We have a manufacturing solution for every precision turned part you design! Contact us now to get a quote for your turning parts. We are sure to please you with our experience in raw materials, production, quality control and international shipping!