Milled Parts

Milling of very precise and complex parts in
single operation with CNC milling.

CNC milling

With our 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC machining centers, we can produce your precision parts within IT6 tolerances in a single operation. We do not need different operations to produce elements on different surfaces of your sensitive parts. With our 5-axis machine, your precision milling parts are produced more precisely and more efficiently with a single operation.
Our experienced production team will produce your parts up to 630 mm in diameter with our 5-axis simultaneous machining center in the closest tolerances to the optimal.
First of all, after the first sample of your complex designs is produced, measurements are made with sensitive devices such as CMM and profile projectors. The mass production of the parts that pass the measurement control is started. Afterwards, measurement reports are prepared for the total number required in international standards. It is delivered to your door with environmentally friendly and robust packaging.
Do your designs require external processes such as coating, painting, heat treatment? We provide with the regularly supervised suppliers post processes like sheet metal working, press brake, coating, painting, anodizing, heat treating, sanding and etc.