“On time, as required”

Mechasis is established in Ankara, Türkiye to design and manufacture precision products primarily for European companies as a subcontractor.

The main purpose of Mechasis is to machine and control the customers original drawings with the CNC machining and turning centers. Besides this, with the regularly supervised suppliers external processes like sheet metal working, press brake, coating, painting, anodizing, heat treating, sanding etc. services provided by Mechasis. Moreover R&D, prototype design and production services are provided by Mechasis to the partners.

Mechasis is established in 2022 by three young and dynamic partners who are experts in their fields and have been working in precision CNC production sectors for many years. Mechasis conducts its activities in 800 m2 facility with a production area of 600 m2 and 200 m2 offices.

Mechasis uses an ERP software to deliver the orders on time with the required quality and apply the ISO 9001:2005 standarts. All processes such as incoming quality control, production management, supplier evaluation, quality control are carried out in accordance with ISO 9001 standards and are followed by ERP software. These practices and processes are clearly outlined in the Mechasis quality management system handbook. The control and accuracy of all these have been verified by the certificate number MTS-25787.

All manufactured parts are passed through the quality control process and the results are reported to the customers. These controls are made with several control tools like CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine).

Before manufacturing new designed parts; to reach efficient, producible designs  Mechasis analyze the design and prepare feasibility report for the customers. After that, the prototype produced is presented to the customers with the FAI report. After customer release, Mechasis starts to manufacturing of serial quantities.

With its international trade experience, Mechasis supports its customers in international shipping and customs issues. Mechasis, delivers the orders to the customers in Europe with DDP and DAP incoterms. With the customs union agreement, customers in Europe are exempt from customs duties with the issued AT.R and EUR1 documents. This agreement, which is the key to bringing together the advantages in Türkiye with European companies, is one of the purposes of establishment of Mechasis.

With all these details, Mechasis shows its mission to act as a business partner for its customers in a sustainable development process instead of being a classic supplier.


Mechasis aims to be a well-known precision manufacturing subcontractor with its quality and timely delivery of products in all Europe.


Mechasis provides timely, quality and affordable manufacturing supply to its European and global partners by combining regional advantages with its talents and capabilities.